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The CBC-P & CBC-M Belt Scale Integrators

The CBC Integrator has been very successful for a number of years and has been exported to more than 70 countries. Continuously developed to offer an outstanding set of features it has always retained, its exceptionally high reliability, upward/downward compatibility, user friendly customer interface, and ability to use the instrument to retro-fit almost any other Belt Scale Integrator in the world market.

The integrator has been installed in almost all industries that use conveyor belts to transport the products. These include: - mining & quarrying, recycling, sewage, paper production, mobile crushing & screening plant, ship and train loading, cement works and agriculture etc.

Both models of the CBC have the same operating system. The CBC-M is the entry level (Standard) system. (please see technical data below)

The clear L.C.D. screen has a backlight for difficult areas and gives a continuous display of Belt Speed, Rate of Flow, and Total. Error messages and process information also appears on the display as required.

Three independent & re-settable totals are available and there are also two management reports.

The Shift Performance Report stores valuable information including Shift Start/Stop Times - Shift Total - Average Rate Produced - Maximum Rate Produced - Running Time. The Running Time is a particularly interested statistic as this "clock" only runs when there is material passing over the weighing device. It is therefore possible to use this information to check on working times and plant productivity. This report can be viewed on screen, printed or sent to a data logger etc.

The Batch Report (in conjunction with a printer or data logger) will give a Time & Date stamped report of Batch Start / Stop Times - Batch Total - and Batch Number. (each Batch number is unique for quality records etc.)

Extensive diagnostic data is also available to enable technical advice and support to be given remotely by telephone, fax or e-mail etc. This powerful data enables most questions to be answered quickly without the need for on-site service, cost or delays.

Technical Specifications
Power supply Switchable 210-280 Volt AC or 90 - 150 Volts AC (50Hz or 60Hz) 24 or 12 VDC
Enclosure Size CBC-M Size: 300(H) x 250(W) x 150(D) mm.
Material: Very Strong GRP (Glass re-enforced plastic)
Protection: IP65
Enclosure Size CBC-P Size: 300(H) x 300(W) x 120(D) mm.
Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel.
Protection: IP65
Display 30 character x 8 line backlit L.C.D.
Keyboard 16 key sealed to IP67
Load Cell input Max input voltage ±30mV CBC-P 4 load cells - CBC-M 2 load cells
Speed Input Digital - max 1.5kHz
Analogue Output 0-10V Voltage Output: 0.1% accuracy, resolution 2.44 mV
0-20mA Current Output:0.2% accuracy, resolution 4.88 uA
Serial Output RS232 or RS485 (selectable)
Relay Output CBC-M 1 x DPDT, 240vac 1,25A 50ms for Totalised Output. Pulse value is selectable.
Relay Output CBC-P 1 x DPDT, 240vac 5A 50ms for Totalised Output. Pulse value is selectable.
1 x DPDT, 240VAC 5A 50ms for High/Low Rate Alarm

The CBC models can be supplied as separate instruments or as complete systems. The Belt Scale Systems are available with Single, Dual or Multi-Idler Weighbridges to suit all applications.

Note: For all Sales and Technical enquires please contact: - sales@westweigh.com

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