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Belt Weigher Systems

WestWeigh manufacture a complete range of Belt Weighing Systems to suit all applications and accuracies. Installations range from weighing shredded domestic waste at 10 tph to loading ships at 8000 tph and higher. Whatever your requirement – we have the solution.

The Single Idler System (SIBW) is a low cost solution ideal for plant inventory, control and indication. It is also perfect for all mobile plant applications and is “factory fitted” by many of the leading machine manufacturers. The low profile weighframe utilises two precision load cells and is maintenance free. It is quick and easy to install and most systems are fitted by the customer. Full telephone technical support is always available from WestWeigh if required. Naturally WestWeigh can install the system if preferred.

The Dual Idler System (DIBW) is a modular fully floating weighframe utilising four precision load cells. The system is recommended where the engineering data indicates that an increased weighspan is required for the desired system accuracy. This system has been used extensively in the waste processing / re-cycling industry.

The Four Idler System (FIBW) is an extended version of the dual idler system. Four load cells are used and the extended weighframe carries four idler sets (or more) to give the enhanced weighspan. This system is used where the very best accuracy is required with long periods of operation between calibration routines.

All of the systems are designed to operate reliably in the most arduous conditions. The belt weigher weighframes are supplied with a galvanised finish and all mounting hardware is Zinc plated. Stainless steel weighframes are available to order as are specialised paint finishes.

The modular construction of the DIBW and FIBW systems makes assembly of even the largest weighframe an easy task for two technicians without the need for special lifting equipment. It also ensures that the unit can be packed in the smallest possible case for economical shipment to any country in the world.

Belt Speed compensation is standard for all systems.

All systems are available with either the CBC or CBC-M integrators depending on the specific application.

For all Sales and Technical enquires please contact: - sales@westweigh.com

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The CBC Belt Scale Integrator

The CBC Integrators are specifically designed for continuous weighing of materials transported by conveyor belt. The integrators can be supplied as separate instruments or as a complete weighing system. The CBC can also be used to retro-fit or upgrade almost any belt weigher system currently in use.

The CBC offers advanced features, including management reports - user friendly, menu driven, instructions - interface with printers / computers etc. - comprehensive diagnostic reports enabling instant, free technical support for low cost of ownership.

Data Sheets / User Guides (pdf)
CBC English
CBC - Russian Version

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Load Cells and Pressure Transducers

We now stock a wide range of TNC load cells for use in various applications. Please click on a link below for the relevant data sheet.

TNC2000 Pressure Transducer, ranges from 5 - 2000 Bar

TNC3000 S-Beam Load Cell, ranges from 1 - 7.5Te

TNC3000Comp Compression S-Beam, ranges from 1 - 30Te

TNC3500 Tension S-Beam, ranges from 3.5 - 7.5Te

TNC4000 Shar Beam, ranges from 250 - 2000Kg

TNC4500 Shear Beam, ranges from 250 - 2000Kg

TNC5000 Low Range S-Beam, ranges from 10 - 100Kg

TNC5100 S-Beam Alloy Steel, ranges from 50 - 5000Kg

TNC5500 Aluminium S-Beam, ranges from 0.5 - 50 kN

TNC9500 Compression Cell, ranges from 50 - 1500Te

TNC500 Load Measuring Shackles, ranges from 5 - 400Te

TNC700 Low Profile Load Cell, ranges from 1 - 100Te

TNC750 Low Profile Compression Cell, ranges from 500 - 20000Kg

TNC810 Vessel/ Tank Weighing Load Cell, ranges from 0.5 - 100Te

Tilt Switches

A full range of Tilt Switches are available for Level Monitoring and Blocked Chute Detection. Three models are available for materials ranging from dust to 100mm and different accessories and cables can be supplied depending on the application.

For all Sales and Technical enquires please contact: - sales@westweigh.com


Safety Switches for Belt Conveyor and Crane Systems

The technical information for these products is currently being updated and will be available shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning Pullcord / Pullwire Switches , Belt Misalignment / Belt Tracking Switches , Lever Limit Switches, Geared Cam Limit Switches, or ATEX Zone 21 and 1 products, please contact sales@westweigh.com

Data Sheets / User Guides (pdf)
LHPEw-L50 Off Track / Belt Tracking / Misalignment Switch
LHPEw-10x-B Pullcord Switch


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