Diagnostic Data Form
For Series 1000, 1001, CBC, CBC-M Integrators
In the event of a problem with your Belt Weigher please complete the following data and fax the form to WestWeigh at +44 (0) 1932 344775, or contact us by telephone. We can then analyse the data and advise what corrective measures to take. This support is offered FREE of CHARGE for the life of the equipment.
Your Name Your Email
Your Company Your Telephone
Setup System Screen (2) Material Calibration Screeen (3.3)
Autotare Weigh Span
Weight Filter Percent Cal.
Speed Filter    
Speed Input    
Mains Freq.    
Relay rate    
Speed Calibration Screen (3.1) Current Loop Calibration (3.4)
Cal. Duration (if Current output option is used)
Belt Length Scale Capacity
Pulses / Rev. Current Range
Weight Calibration (3.2) Display Screen (4)
Cal Duration Rate Full Scale
Span Weight Deadband Add.
Zero Cal    
Span Cal    
Weight on L/cell    
When belt is stopped and no material is on the belt.    
Hardware Test Display Printer Setup Screen (5)
To access this screen go to MAIN MENU with RUN highlighted then press 9995. Record the following with the belt RUNNING and NO material on the belt. (if printer / P.C. / RS232 etc. is used)
Baud Rate
Serial Mode
Ext. Pulse Print mode
ADC Counts Interval
Weight Fax to +44 (0) 1932 344775