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WestWeigh Controls Limited personnel have over forty years experience in manufacturing belt weighing systems and providing technical support to industry leaders in the mining, quarrying, recycling, mobile plant and bulk handling industries. We specialise in supplying to O.E.M. and Export customers and always welcome new overseas enquiries.

Our belt weighers are already used in more than 80 countries with environments ranging from the bitter cold of Scandinavia and to the extreme heat of the United Arab Emirates. All of our belt weighing systems are manufactured in the UK……

Westweigh Quarry Weighing

Introducing The New CBC-Touch

The CBC-Touch is the brand new belt weigher indicator from WestWeigh Controls. 

Precision electronics combined with an easy to read colour touchscreen display and comprehensive storage and communication options provide a state of the art solution for belt weigher installations.

  • High resolution colour touchscreen display.
  • Simple step-by-step tare and calibration routines.

  • Dead Range and Automatic Zero Adjustment.

  • Comprehensive Production and Management Reports.

  • Automatic Angle Compensation.

  • Configurable RS232/485 Serial Interface and USB port.

  • Analogue Output and Network Connectivity options.


The SIBW (Single Idler Belt Weigher)

The Single Idler System (SIBW) is a low cost solution ideal for plant inventory, control and indication. It is also perfect for all mobile plant applications and is “factory fitted” by many of the leading machine manufacturers. The low profile weighframe utilises two precision load cells and is maintenance free. It is quick and easy to install and most systems are fitted by the customer. Full telephone technical support is always available from WestWeigh if required. Naturally WestWeigh can install the system if preferred.

Belt Weighing Weigh Frame

The Weighframe

The Weighframe is extremely tough, having originally been developed specifically for the
mobile crushing industry where space is at a premium and the operational environment is at its most hostile. The galvanised weighframe is fully floating on two precision load cells that again have been developed to suit the environment. No maintenance is required apart from occasional inspection to ensure the weighframe is generally clear of debris.

Speed Wheel

The Speed Wheel

The Speed Sensor runs on the clean side of the return belt and ensures accurate weighing even if the belt speed is not constant.

Westweigh Intergrator

The Integrator

The Integrator (Totaliser) is the fourth generation of the very successful CBC/1001 instrument. It is very easy to use with all data being entered through a “user friendly” menu system. The electronics are microprocessor based and all programme and calibration details are stored in non-volatile memory so that the system does not have to be continuously powered. To enable WestWeigh to provide free support, Powerful Diagnostic Facilites are built into the system.

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Technical Support

Our after sales technical support is highly acclaimed. It is supplied free of charge by telephone, fax or e-mail and this can be arranged to suit the time zone of the customer.

Whatever your reason for contacting us, we promise you quality products at very competitive prices and a prompt, efficient and friendly response.

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We are available by phone during office hours 9am - 5pm GMT, but a time can also be arranged to suit the timezone of the customer. +44 (0) 1256 886427

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Send us an email with your technical enquiry to sales@westweigh.com and we will get back to you with an answer ASAP.


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