Installation FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers regarding installation

No. Power is required at the Integrator and this in turn supplies the power to the weighframe.

Either 1.0mm² or 1.5mm² Steel Wire Armoured or SY type Flexible Armoured.

7 cores. 4 for the Load Cell and 3 for the Speed Sensor.

Several hundred metres (but please check if the cable run is very long).

Yes. Installation is very easy and WestWeigh are always available to provide telephone support when/if required.

Yes. Fully trained staff are available to install the products if required. We will be happy to quote when we know the location.

No. No routine maintenance is required. WestWeigh provide free telephone technical support for the life of the product and we can normally solve most problems over the telephone and assist with any calibration issues. WestWeigh will however provide service and calibration contracts if this is a requirement of the company.

For all Technical enquires please see our Technical Data page